Better late than never! Check out some photos from our trip last January below!

Bienvenidos a Cerro Alto! This fork in the road marks the beginning of this rural community high in the mountains of Guatemala.


EWB stayed in the nearby town of Chimaltenango, so each day we hired a truck driver to bring us to Cerro Alto. The trip takes around 20 minutes.


Paul and David got to work right away GPS-locating the community’s piping network.


The community hand-dug this trench in preparation for the pump installation.


Walter, the contractor, and his crew preparing for the pump installation.


EWB congregates around Miriam’s table for fresh tortillas and coffee.


The crew checks out the the water tank.


Guatemalans to the left, Americanos to the right.


The children took a liking to Felipe.





We will be at the Fun Fair East this Wednesday from 11-4. Contact us if you’d like to help out!

Our first General Body Meeting will be on Tuesday, September 11th at 5pm in our usual location, ERF 1047.

Our Next Meeting will be:
*Thursday, March 15* 3pm ERF 1047

In our last meeting:
*The new officers were introduced*

*Global Activism Expo*
The Global Activism Expo will be held on Saturday, April 28 at UIC (details
to follow)

*Water Pump project*
We learned about progress made on the water pump project in Cerro Alto

*5k/ 13.1 mile Run/Walk fundraiser*
This event is planned for June 9.  We need runners, walkers and volunteers.
 If you are interested, please contact Miguel Moscoso at

*Social Committee* - contact Liz Moscoso -
Have fun and help build our community!  Have a hand in planning our social
activities and help drive membership!  For more information, contact Liz

*History/ Timeline Project* - contact Keith Nugent -
Many students are eager to learn what we've accomplished and what our plans
are for the future .  A great way to learn about the history of EWB UIC and
our projects is to join us as we compile our history/ welcome packet for
new members.

*Future Cerro Alto Projects*

We have identified two potential future projects for the Cerro Alto
community, and we will be moving forward with the research and development
phase for each project.

*Cooking Stoves* - contact Mark McGee -
Many families are cooking with open fires indoors, using a lot of wood and
producing smoke that is reducing the air quality in the community. We're
forming a committee that will compile the plans for rocket stoves to
present to the community. Please contact Mark if you are interested in
joining us as we compile and discuss designs, costs, and best alternatives.

*Grey Water* - contact Megan Wroclawski -
The community has expressed an interest in finding a solution to the
placement of their wastewater from laundry, cooking and dishwater.
Currently, much of it is being tossed in ditches along the roadside,
becoming a stagnant breeding ground for mosquitoes as well as interfering
with roadside travel. Join us as we seek to design an acceptable solution
to present to the community.

Full meeting minutes are attached.Meeting Minutes March 2nd EWBUIC


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